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Rushi Says


/ 2 min read

Being far away from you MOTHER,
My heart never beat in fear,
As your ethics saved me from SWORD
So my heart says you’re moral GOD

You made me to endear every time,
You gave me a belief every time,
Far away ray comes near,
And say’s I will be always your dear.

This wealth is got by GOD’s bliss,
So this will forever be please.
You gave me love & affection, oh mother,
This will never flow by mere jerk.

Your heart seems as great as ocean,
Been there no one want to be in motion
Ocean praised us by giving gems,
Your ethics are worthier than these gems.

As sunny morning got a stay,
I saw my life’s way in a play,
Never to be rude, I learnt by you,
No one will be ever like you. 

This poem i had written year before when i was far away from my mother, i was studying in  tenth in INDIA. i have tried to express my emotion here. at that time i realize no one is like mother and no one will ever be.

My eternal wealth, My mother,