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Rushi Says


/ 2 min read

Ideas came here to live,
When we believe in it.
What we see & give,
That we persist.

What that night was?
When we not dream.
What that life cause?
Where we not seem.

The life came to be true
When we had it.
Creativity drill the wall by screw
When we dream it.

What personality I had?
No one had ask me once.
What was shown by this mad,
They accepted it at once.

Here i just want tell you is what we are, is what we believe. What we lose or gain are the act made by us & we have to believe that & accept it. Here how you lives your life & how your vision is creative says some fact of our life. How we see ourselves in mirror, with that vision world see us. Since we shape our own nature, & that is seen by remaining world.   
 "See best, to be best"